The Paneuropean Movement

The Slovenian Paneuropean Movement (SPM) is a non-governmental and non-profit association of citizens. It strives to strengthen and enrich Slovenia's connectedness with other European nations and states, increasing Slovenia's presence in Europe and European institutions, as well as increasing pan-European cooperation in general. The organisation's activities build on respect for the European cultural heritage, particularly its Greco-Roman and Christian roots and respect for the values of human dignity, non-violence, human rights and fundamental freedoms, multi-party democracy, market economy, peaceful coexistence, international cooperation and environmental protection.

The aim of the organisation is to work for a realisation of a United States of Europe, in accordance with the Strasbourg Declaration of the International Paneuropean Union of 12 May 1973.

The organisation strives to influence other public actors, state bodies, political parties and the public opinion in order to further the above values, but it does not take part in the fight for political power, or in elections into the representative bodies of the state.

Slovenes had representatives already at the 1926 founding congress of Paneurope in Vienna, with a delegation led by Dr Anton Korošec. In the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Slovenia had its own national Paneuropean committee. With Nazi occupation during WWII, the activities of Paneurope in Slovenia were discontinued and were banned in communist Yugoslavia. When Slovenia became an independent and democratic state in 1991, the idea was revived in form of the Slovenian Paneuropean Movement.

Since its reestablishment, the Slovenian Paneuropean Movement has become a well-recognised and important NGO in the field of international relations, especially when it comes to affairs linked to the European Union and transatlantic relations. We took active part in the discussions leading to Slovenia's membership in NATO and the EU, expressed our views on matters of succession after former Yugoslavia and relations with neighbouring countries, as well as supporting the development of Slovenian ethnic minorities there. While working for European integration, the SPM also stands behind Slovenian national interests, fosters the Slovenian cultural identity and strives for constructive politics.

The activities of the SPM include several high-profile round table debates and guest lectures every year, which feature not only Slovenian but also highly esteemed international figures from politics, business and the academia. A highlight of the SPM's international engagement are its international conferences, which attract participants of all generations from all around Europe. The aim of these conferences is to discuss topical international issues that directly affect Slovenia, the European Union and the broader international community.
Apart from organising its own events, the SPM also regularly attends events prepared by other Paneuropean organisations. This ensures its strong integration in this international network and contributes to an exchange of views and visions, and a confrontation of different views on various topics, which can also help in the concrete dealing with diverse issues.

Due to its activities in the area of foreign policy and European affairs, the Slovenian Paneuropean Movement has been granted the status of an NGO working in the public interest by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.

Membership is open to any person of legal age who acknowledges the aims of the organisation and expresses in writing their desire to become a member. This means that foreign citizens may become members of the Slovenian Paneuropean Movement.

Associate members, supporting members and sympathisers may also take part in the activities of the organisations either as individuals or as legal entities, but without the right to vote and make decisions.

To become a member, a candidate must sign the registration form, agreeing to the aims of the organisation.